Sweet Upsell App Review: Best Post Purchase Shopify Upsell App?

Are you hardly making a profit from your Shopify sales and do you want to increase the average order value of your Shopify eCommerce orders?

If yes, then after reading this blog post you will be able to make more profit from your Shopify sales.

Based on the research, the average abandoned cart rate of the eCommerce website is 65.23% and the average conversion rate is 2.13%. You can check out this great infographic created by the conversion optimization company Invesp.

Is sweet upsell a best after checkout upsell app for Shopify stores? Click here to find out.

This infographic clearly shows the detailed statistics of shopping cart abandonment and what are the actual reasons behind it. 

Based on my experience in the eCommerce industry, if your customer has not completed the checkout process at the same time when they have first landed on your website, then it’s really hard to recover those lost abandoned carts.

So, it would be great if you focus more on the converting customers of your Shopify store who have already made a decision to buy something from your store and completed the checkout.

Remember, the rule of eCommerce is simple, convert more and more visitors into customers and if someone already bought something from your store then try to sell them more and more to increase the average order value.

Before I move forward to the sweet upsell review, it’s important to let you know that it’s a Shopify platform upsell app and it works on the Shopify platform only and it’s not yet available for other platforms like Bigcommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, or for any other eCommerce platform in the market. 

What is Sweet Upsell App? – A Hands-On Review 

Sweet upsell as its name suggests is a Shopify upsell app which helps you in generating more revenue for your stores.

This automatic sweet upsell app made by sweet apps has done a great job to increase the profits of Shopify store owners with post-purchase upsell automation.

Yes, you read it right it shows the upsell products after the Shopify native checkout, which means on the Shopify order confirmation page when the customer has already bought the products of their choice.

The Shopify order confirmation page is the last page where almost all the customers are ready to leave your website and want to get back to their work. 

But this is the place where we can pitch our upsell products in front of them with the help of this amazing sweet upsell Shopify app so that your customers can easily add them to their already confirmed order with just one click.

Is sweet upsell app a best post purchase upsell app for Shopify dropshipping?

All the big eCommerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay use this technique to increase the AOV (average order value) of the orders they get from their customers.

And this is the technique that they have implemented after understanding and learning the user behavior for decades.

We are lucky enough that we have all this user behavior data available for FREE and we just have to implement it in our eCommerce stores, no matter on which platform our website is hosting.

Best way to upsell after checkout using this Shopify app.

It’s really easy to increase the order value by showing the highly related products to the customer on the order confirmation page using the sweet upsell automation feature.

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This best Shopify upsell app is created by Tristan Broughton (YouTuber and eCommerce entrepreneur). He is one of the most genuine guys whom I have followed while starting my eCommerce journey.

Displaying the Shopify order confirmation page just with order details is not worth it anymore, why not make more money if you have an option to do so.

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Sweet Upsell Features: A Complete Walkthrough

The sweet upsell app has a lot of features that make it one of the best upsell app for Shopify. Here is the list of some of the main features of Sweet Upsell:

Payment Gateway Friendly

This product upsell app for Shopify works with all payment processors that are integrated with your Shopify store like Stripe, PayPal, Shopify Payments, Afterpay, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, etc. Now there is no need to worry whether this post purchase upsell app works with my payment gateway or not. 

No External Checkout

A most important feature of the Shopify sweet upsell app is that it doesn’t redirect the customers to any external checkout and it works easily inside the original Shopify native checkout which increases the trust of our customers in our store.

It allows the customers to add products shown on the Shopify order confirmation page to their confirmed order with just one click.

Sweet upsell app Shopify for showing product upsells on Shopify order confirmation page.

Quick Installation 

Sweet upsell app can be installed with an easy 1-click installation, you don’t need any coding or technical knowledge. Once installed, this easy-to-set up sweet upsell app lets you create new upsells from their admin panel.

Automatic Upsell Creation

If you have a big Shopify store with thousands of products then it’s quite tough to create upsells for individual products. So, sweet upsell saved you a lot of time and money by automation of this process. Just install it and let the sweet upsell create the Shopify upsells after purchase automatically on every product of your store.

Check out sweet upsell app pricing, review and how it works?

Responsive Design

This after checkout upsell app for Shopify is optimized for both mobile and desktop both, so there will be no problem in showing upsells to customers who are viewing your website from any medium.

Customer Support

Customer support is really important for every product whether it is digital or physical. So, you get 24×7 amazing customer support if you get stuck while using the sweet upsell app.

Sweet Upsell Pricing

Shopify sweet upsell app is free to install and use, you will only be charged when you generate 1 sale using this upsell app.   

Sweet upsell app price is based on the number of orders you have each month:

If you have around 3000 orders/month then it will cost you:

1) Sweet Upsell Monthly Plan – $29.99/month (Billed Monthly)

2) Sweet Upsell Annual Plan – $249.99/year (Billed Annually)

Which is the best product upsell app for Shopify stores? Pricing for Shopify sweet upsell app?

There are not many apps on the Shopify app store that enables us to show thank you page upsells. But the ones that are on the Shopify app store are very costly as compared to the sweet upsell pricing.

Sweet upsell app also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means if you are not happy with the purchase and if you think that this after checkout upsell app is not perfect for your Shopify store, then you can always contact their friendly support team which will assist you further for the refund.

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Why You Should Use Sweet Upsell App?

If you are struggling to get profitable in Shopify dropshipping or general eCommerce, then this upsell app is a must for you.

It does make a good difference in your Shopify store revenue, whenever your customers complete a checkout process.

Many people ask me “is Shopify dropshipping and eCommerce profitable?”

And I always say yes!

Because our e-commerce profits depend on the way we do eCommerce and to beat the competition we have to invest in these types of upsell apps which gives us more profit to grow and sustain our business.

If you are doing email marketing using Klaviyo Shopify app at a good scale then also this upsell app can create wonders for you. Every time you get repeating orders from your email list this extra revenue from the product upselling will also get added up to your orders.

We always take care of customers who have abandoned their carts and because of this we through a ton of money on retargeting ads to get their attention, but we forget about the main customers who are already converted to our stores and are capable of converting our balance sheet from negative to positive.

Final Verdict – Is Sweet Upsell App Worth It?

Is it the best upsell app for Shopify

So, my answer is yes! 

Many 7 figure e-commerce experts including Franklin Hatchett also recommend this product upsell app for Shopify, because of its excellent automation features which save you a lot of time being an entrepreneur.

Best app for post purchase and after checkout upsells on Shopify dropshipping store.

Sweet upsell is worth trying out as it’s a free upsell app for Shopify until you get 1 sale using this Shopify app. So, you have to pay nothing to install and use it on your Shopify store.

I recommend this upsell app to all the people who are getting started with Shopify and also to those who are already doing big numbers because it will surely help them to add up the extra chunk of money in their Shopify store revenue.

So, let’s convert your Shopify store thank you page into a sales machine today by clicking on the button below. 

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