Shopify Booster Theme Review: Best Paid Premium Shopify Theme?

Are you struggling to get sales on your Shopify store? Are you paying too much on paid advertisements or expensive Shopify apps and not getting enough results from your Shopify store?

Then it’s the right time to fix your Shopify store from the product pages to the checkout page.

Free Shopify themes do not let you fully customize your Shopify store and that’s why some of the most popular names in the eCommerce and dropshipping industry recommend “Booster Dropship” a paid Shopify theme. Now it is known as the booster theme.

After spending a lot of years in the eCommerce business and using different highest converting Shopify themes, I have figured out the most important elements that are required in the paid Shopify theme to make our store grow like never before.

In this Shopify booster theme review, I will be assessing this Shopify theme based on the features you care about the most as an eCommerce entrepreneur:

Features: Do you get enough features that will help you in boosting the sales of your Shopify store?

Conversion Rate: The most important thing in eCommerce is the conversion rate. Does the Shopify booster theme help you in increasing the conversion rate of your store?

User Interface: How is the user interface of the Shopify booster theme? Is it easy to use and set up your Shopify store using the Booster theme?

Customer Support: Is their customer support fast and helpful?

Pricing: How much value does this theme provide you for the price you are paying to them?

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Now that you know what to expect from this booster theme review, let’s dive into it.

General Overview Of Booster Shopify Theme

When it comes to premium Shopify themes, many people are familiar with the Shoptimized and Debutify theme. But Shopify booster theme is also considered as the top Shopify theme among the dropshippers and eCommerce experts for a long time.

Booster theme V5 is the one-stop solution for all your Shopify store problems, because of its vast features and customization options. New Booster theme 5.0 edition is launched with more marketing tools and other fully-fledged amazing features.

Booster dropshipping theme is a money saver theme because it includes a ton of features in the theme itself and we don’t need to install any monthly paid Shopify apps for that. Hence, it lowers the cost of running your Shopify store and lets you invest the saved money where it is needed the most.

The best thing about the booster theme is that it boosts your sales with the help of their free marketing tools which are embedded in the theme itself at no extra cost or any type of monthly fees.

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I have seen many eCommerce dropshipping beginners start their stores with Shopify free themes and when they realize that they are not getting enough sales then they leave the business by saying that “dropshipping doesn’t work or dropshipping is dead”. 

So, it will be a good decision if you select any popular paid Shopify theme like Booster theme, no matter if you are starting a single product store or a general store. 

Now, I will be sharing all the features of the booster theme that will help you in boosting sales of your Shopify store.

Features Of Booster Theme

Cross-Sell Products: Cross-selling is a great way to increase our profits from each customer that buys something from our store. Booster theme inbuilt cross-selling feature allows you to cross-sell products with ease.

Frequently Bought Together: Selling a bundle of products is easy with the help of a booster Shopify theme, it shows the product bundles on every product page. The possibility of getting big orders increases when a customer adds the full bundles in their order with just one click. 

Check booster theme review here.

Direct To Checkout: If you want to decrease one step in the customer acquisition process, then you can send the customer directly to the checkout by enabling the direct to checkout feature of this Shopify theme. By clicking the buy now button on the product page customer can directly go to the checkout by skipping the cart. 

Shopify booster theme direct to checkout conversion boosting feature.

If the customer is on the home page or any other page of your Shopify store, then also they can open the side cart by clicking on the cart icon from the top and directly go to the checkout by clicking on the checkout button. 

Check Shopify booster theme reviews here.

Related Products: Related products can be shown at the bottom of every product page to increase the average order value of the Shopify store. 

Check booster theme demo by clicking here.

Countdown Timer: Other premium Shopify themes provide the countdown timer functionality on the product page, cart page, or checkout page. But, I have never seen the count-down timer on the category page products or the individual frequently bought together products. This is one of the unique features that the Booster theme provides us.

Checkout the booster theme Shopify review here.

What does Shopify booster theme look like?

Inventory Quantity Bar: The inventory quantity bar shows up on the product page to increase the conversions by making the customer feel fear of missing out.

Social Proof Pop Up: Social proof pop-ups increase the trust of customers by showing the instant popup of products bought recently. You can customize the popups in every way possible from color to border and font size of the text.

How to use Shopify booster theme?

Currency Converter: In the latest version V5 of the booster Shopify theme, you can use currency conversion or multi-currency sales options on your Shopify store.

GEO IP Languages Detector: With the help of geolocation your Shopify store allows your store visitors to switch to their preferred language. You just have to enable the multi-language feature from your Shopify store.How booster theme for Shopify works?

Cart Page Product Suggestions: On the cart pages, you can show your best selling products. Even if the cart is empty it will show up the collection of products so that the user can take action and buy.

In-Theme Video Instructions: While setting up your store you will get easy video instructions to help you out in quickly understanding the features of the booster theme. 

Free + Shipping Optimized: Tripwire (free plus shipping) offers are still used by many eCommerce merchants to drive a lot of sales on their stores and you can do with booster theme too but with ease and in a more customizable way. 

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Smart Mega Menu: The mega menus are the new way to show the roadmap of our store. Customers can easily move to their required categories and subcategories to get their favorite products and to explore more.

CTA Animations: Call to action is a crucial part of an eCommerce store because each customer starts their journey by clicking on the CTA buttons. And if there is no way to customize it based on our needs then that theme would be of no use. But thankfully the booster has options to animate and fully customize the CTA button from product pages to the checkout which gives it an edge over the other top Shopify themes available in the market.

Facebook Messenger Chat: Messenger chat is a great option to provide 24×7 support to your customers so that whenever they feel confused about buying something from your store, they can easily contact you by clicking on the messenger icon. 

GDPR Compliance Bar: General Data Protection Regulation Compliance (GDPR) is necessary for all the websites that are engaged in business in the European Union (EU), and the booster theme makes your Shopify store GDPR compliant by showing the compliance bar on your store.

Checkout stores made on Shopify booster theme.

Visitor Counter: The visitor counter can increase your conversions if you show it in combination with the low stock alerts on your product pages. It can boost your sales to the moon by encouraging your customers to take action now.  

Lookbook: Lookbook shows the latest products on your Shopify store. Booster theme lookbook feature also enables you to pin products to any images on your store which is just similar to the Instagram product tagging feature. 

It makes your store look better than your competitors and helps you in converting more visitors to customers. Customers can directly check the price and add the products to their carts by clicking on the tags on the images and it is one of the best features that make this theme stand out from other popular Shopify themes. Product pins can also be customized using an easy booster theme customizer.

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Delivery Time: Estimated delivery time can be shown on the product pages by enabling this feature. This is a powerful feature but quite common also because you get this in almost all the best paid Shopify themes.

Quick View: Quick view can be used on the collection pages to allow users to click and check more details of the specific products by not going to the full product pages but by just checking the quick view box.

Smart Search Suggestions: Booster theme 5.0 also lets you promote products when a customer is using the search bar. You can create a specific collection of products that will show up on the search bar when your customers are yet to search for any product in your store or yet feed any value in the search box.

Engineered for SEO: Search engine optimization can help you in getting more sales from Google. So, that’s why the new booster theme upgrade is more SEO optimized than ever before so that you can get good rankings in Google.

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Different Layout Options: Default layout options can help you in changing the layout of your website to a boxed layout, full-width background layout, or full-width content layout.

1) Boxed – In a boxed layout, your site appears in box type layout.

2) Full-Width Background – In a full-width layout, your eCommerce website stretches its background to full width.

3) Full Width – In a full-width layout, your website stretches the background and the content to full width. 

Fully Speed Optimized: The speed of your website decides your future, because if your website is loading slowly then you will lose a lot of money and conversions. 

Booster Shopify theme is also popular because it’s full speed optimized as its name includes a “Booster” word which means “to boost your sales”, and without speed optimization, it’s not possible to boost eCommerce sales. So their developers have focussed a lot on the speed optimization of this Shopify theme.

Responsive Theme: If you are searching for the best Shopify themes for conversion on mobile, then you can surely try booster because it’s a fully responsive theme with amazing load speeds and conversion-boosting features.

Pagination: Booster Theme V5 lets you modify the look and feel of your product catalog and collection pages in a way you want to show it to your customers. You can alter the pagination of your Shopify store in these 4 ways:

1) Automatically Load: It shows all the infinite products on one page by loading it whenever the customer scrolls down the page.

2) Only Show Previous and Next: It shows the next and previous buttons on every page and allows the customer to easily switch to the next and previous pages.

3) Show Page Numbers: It shows the page numbers at the downside of the page and if a customer wants to jump into any page then they have to just click the page number.

4) Show A Load More Button: It shows more products in the catalog when the customer clicks on the load more button on the downside of the page. 

Free Theme Installer: FREE Booster theme installer in the Booster Central dashboard helps you in setting up your store using the different booster theme demo templates that are available for you to quickly understand the theme interface.

Checkout Customizer: The last step of the customer acquiring journey is the checkout page and it is as important as the product pages and if you customize it according to the overall theme of your Shopify store then it can result in a good amount of sales.

Shopify booster theme gives you a wide variety of checkout customization options:

1) Banner: Banner background image can be changed using the background image settings.

2) Logo: You can upload the site logo and change its position and size very easily.

3) Main Content Area: It allows you to customize the background image, colors, and form fields. 

4) Order Summary: Order summary pages can also be customized based on your needs because many people check their order details afterward and to make the user experience better you can customize it in the best way possible.

5) Typography: The booster theme provides customization options to change the font of the headings and body text on the checkout pages.

6) Colors: On the checkout page you can change the color of buttons, errors, links, or highlights.

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Does Booster Theme Increase The Conversion Rate?

If I compare Booster theme 5.0 with the old version of Booster theme, then I can easily say without any doubt that it’s the faster version than the old ones. And as I always said the faster your website loads the more revenue you can generate from your visitors.

So, the booster theme does help you in increasing the conversion rate of your Shopify stores.

How Is The User Interface Of Booster Theme?

Shopify Booster theme has its own Shopify app known as “Booster Central” which helps you in managing the Booster theme with a robust user experience. Within the booster central dashboard, you can use the booster theme installer, manage your license, update your booster theme, contact the Booster theme support team, and much more from one dashboard. 


Booster Theme Customer Support

Booster theme provides 24×7 customer support and technical support. You can check out their help center also, I think that is the best place to get answers to each of your questions. They have easy-to-understand articles in their help center which can help you in getting started with the Booster theme quickly and efficiently.

Booster Theme Shopify Demo

The booster theme for Shopify platform looks great on every type of store whether it is a general or a niche store. You can check out the different Shopify booster theme demo templates or examples down below which are made using booster premium theme:

1) Yoga Shopify Store 

2) Kitchen Shopify Store

3) Home Shopify Store (Use password as “booster”)

4) Jewelry Shopify Store 

5) Pets Shopify Store

Shopify Booster Theme Pricing

Booster Shopify Theme Version 5.0 is available at $399 $179/year price for 1 license key. 

Booster theme is available at a discount price right now. You don’t have to use any discount code or coupon. Just click on the button to buy a booster theme for your Shopify store now.

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You can buy any of these three packages:

Booster V5 (1 Booster Theme License Key): $179/yr

Booster V5 (2 Booster Theme License Keys): $297/yr

Booster V5 (5 Booster Theme License Keys): $497/yr

Booster theme 5.0 version price and reviews.

With every license, you get all the integrated apps that are capable of generating a good amount of sales and revenue for your Shopify store at no monthly fees. 

They also provide a special 14-day guarantee, in case if you are not happy with this Booster Shopify theme you can claim a full refund by contacting them. 

If you are running multiple stores, then I suggest you go with a booster theme multiple license plan because it will cost you a little lower in comparison to the booster theme single license.

Final Verdict 

As you know there are so many premium Shopify themes available in the market, but not all the well-known Shopify themes serve the exact purpose of boosting our conversions. 

I think the Shopify Booster theme is the one which I recommend to beginners also so that they can get fast success at the beginning of their eCommerce journey. Overall the design and customization options of the booster theme are great and help in converting more and more visitors to your Shopify store. 

One thing that makes me sad about this theme is that they don’t have any newsletter popup feature yet. Newsletter pop-up feature is available on many popular paid Shopify themes which makes it easy for the store owners to capture emails of the customers based on the exit intent.

But, it’s not a big problem because there are dozens of free Shopify apps available for capturing emails. 

The lookbook feature and the checkout customization features are my favorite one because it does increase conversion and makes our store look more authentic and trustable as compared to our competitors. The user experience of the Booster theme dashboard is ultra-fast, smooth, and easy to understand even for a non-technical person.  

The booster theme for Shopify does save you a lot of money because you don’t need expensive Shopify apps for upselling, cross-selling, bundling the products, or for different types of conversion-boosting features that are already integrated into this Shopify theme.

Best Shopify ecommerce themes for dropshipping and brand stores.

If you ask me, is it worth the cost you are paying for it? 

Then definitely yes, it does save you a lot of money and also helps you in making more money if you use this Shopify theme with its full potential.

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I hope this booster theme review tutorial helped you in finding the best converting Shopify theme for your Shopify store.

Let me know in the comments which booster theme feature you like the most?

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