How To Remove & Get Rid Off Powered By Shopify From Footer in 2024?

How to Remove And Get Rid Off Powered By Shopify [2 Best Methods]

One of the most important tasks that get in our mind while customizing a Shopify store is “how to remove powered by Shopify from our store’s footer”. 

Powered By Shopify is by default written in all Shopify stores footer because it’s a way Shopify does its marketing so that more and more people can connect with them.

I have seen many eCommerce beginners who are just starting with their Shopify store’s focusses all their time on just customizing the Shopify themes and do not focus on these little things. 

I know there are a lot of things you have to do in eCommerce from finding the winning products, customizing the product pages to increase our conversions, creating and running paid advertisements, fulfilling orders, providing customer support, communicating with the supplier, and a lot more.

But I just want to emphasize that sometimes these little things can make a big difference.

As John Wooden said in his quote

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things can make big things happen.

So in an eCommerce business also, you have to start focussing on these little things too, so that they can make a big difference in your revenue.

How to remove powered by Shopify from footer?

Why it’s important to remove the powered by Shopify link from your Shopify store’s footer?

There are two main reasons that I have listed below that can surely motivate you to take action and get rid of powered by Shopify from your eCommerce store.

Remove Distractions From your Shopify store:

Do you want to send your customers away from your Shopify store?

Your answer will be No. Because you are already paying Facebook, Google, or any other paid advertising platform to drive more and more targeted visitors to your site.

So, think like that what if a customer comes on your website and browse till the footer and click on the Powered by Shopify link and go away from your site, then there are very fewer chances that your customer will come back and purchase the product they were browsing.

It happens because the customer will get distracted using that extra link in your Shopify store’s footer. So in my Shopify store also, I don’t put any extra links in my footer or anywhere else from where the customers are going away from my website.

And, you should only those links in your footer section that are relevant to your store like the FAQ page, terms and conditions page, privacy policy page, contact us page, order tracking page, etc. 

If someone has a question about the delivery time of the product then they can directly go to the relevant links like the FAQ page or contact us page of your site and there will be no chance of distraction.

Make Your Store Look Like A Branded Store:

As we all know Shopify promotes dropshipping business a lot. And maybe you are also dropshipping from suppliers available in different parts of the world.

But you have to understand this thing that there are lakhs of other dropshippers also in the market who are running their dropshipping stores on the Shopify platform and trying to sell similar products like you are selling and some of them are also scamming the customers by not shipping out the products.

And because of that many people who are already scammed by these dropshippers, sometimes do not believe the similar type of stores that are made on the Shopify platform, with “Powered by Shopify” written in the footer. 

So, we have to make sure that the customer does not find out that we are hosted on the Shopify platform and we should delete powered by Shopify from the footer of our eCommerce stores which helps us in making our store look like a branded store.

How To Remove Powered By Shopify?

It’s really easy peasy to take off powered by Shopify from the footer. There are mainly two methods that you can use for removing powered by Shopify

The first way is for people who are much tech-savvy and want to learn and dive into the Shopify theme codes. 

The second way is for people who don’t know anything about coding and want to get rid of powered by Shopify in a more user-friendly way.

So, choose the best option for you and remove powered by Shopify quickly.

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Remove Powered By Shopify (For tech-savvy people who know how to code) 

1. Open the Shopify store’s dashboard.

2. Click on the online store from the left side of the dashboard.

3. Then select the themes option. And it will open up the theme section and will show you the currently installed theme of your Shopify store.

How to easily remove 'Powered By Shopify'?

4. Find the theme for which you have to remove the powered by Shopify from the footer.

5. Click on the action button and then select the edit code option from the drop-down.

Best way to hide powered by shopify in your ecommerce store running on Shopify platform.

6. When you click on edit code, it will open up the theme code of the required theme.

7. On the left side, you can find the search bar where you have to search for the footer.liquid file.

8. To remove powered by Shopify we have to edit the code in the footer.liquid file. 

9. Click on the footer.liquid file to open the code of that file.

How to remove powered by Shopify text on Shopify password protected page? (Best Method 2021)

10. Click on the Ctrl+F to search for the “powered” text in the code.

11. Simply remove the specific line in the code that contains “powered” or “powered by” and the link to the Shopify website.

Remove this shop will be powered by shopify from footer.

12. Click on the Save button.

13. And it’s done. You have successfully removed powered by Shopify from your Shopify store.


Remove Powered By Shopify (For beginners who don’t know anything about coding) 

1. Open the Shopify admin dashboard.

2. Click on the online store and select the themes option.

3. Find the Shopify theme for which you have to remove the powered by Shopify from the footer.

4. Click on the action button and select edit languages from the drop-down menu.

Powered by Shopify - How to Remove It, Delete It, and Get Rid of It? - 2021

5. In the filter translations box, type “powered”.

6. And you will see the powered by Shopify box.

7. Just type the single space using your keyboard in the powered by Shopify box and you are done.

8. Click on save.

Do you want to remove the Powered by Shopify branding from your store? Follow this guide to learn how, and to delete Powered by Shopify.

Note: If you want to remove the powered by Shopify text from the password-protected opening soon screen also (if your store is password protected), then you can repeat these above steps for the powered by Shopify HTML box also.


As you can see how easy it is to remove and hide powered by Shopify from our store’s footer.

Which method did you find easy to remove powered by Shopify, let me know in the comment section below.

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