Debutify Theme Review: Highest Converting Free Premium Shopify Theme?

Are you planning to start a new eCommerce store on the Shopify platform?

If yes, then you might be wondering which Shopify theme should I use that should give me the best return on investment of my time and money.

Then, Debutify Shopify theme may be the one made for you.

Although there are hundreds of free premium Shopify themes available in the market, today we will talk about the Debutify theme. And there are many good reasons why I am writing about it.

First of all, the Debutify theme is not available in the Shopify themes library, it’s a third-party theme that is developed by the best in industry eCommerce dropshippers and also recommended by many 7 figure eCommerce experts.

So, let’s dive into it and understand what are the best features and benefits of this Debutify Shopify theme that makes it stand out from all the other available Shopify themes in the market. 

Debutify Theme Reviews

When I came to know about this theme from a very popular YouTuber and eCommerce dropshipper Chris Wane, I have quickly checked out the Debutify theme reviews on the trust pilot and their Facebook page.

And I found that they have a good rating of 4.8 on Trust Pilot with around 1774 reviews and they have many good reviews on their Facebook page also. 

And after reading the Debutify theme reviews I was already convinced to try out this theme at least once on my main Shopify store, to find out if it does make a difference or not.

What Is A Debutify Theme?

Debutify theme is one of the fastest and highest converting Shopify themes for all types of eCommerce stores hosted on the Shopify platform.

As we all know starting a Shopify store is as easy as a walk in the park, but the cost of running a profitable Shopify store is not an easy task.

Someone said this true.

Money saved is the money earned 

And, the main reason I liked this theme because it helps you in saving a lot of money by lowering the cost of running a successful Shopify store.

Now, let’s discuss why we should use a Debutify theme and what is outstanding in this Shopify theme that so many eCommerce experts are recommending this theme.

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Why Debutify Theme?

If you are just starting out or if you still don’t have a good amount of success in eCommerce using a Shopify platform, then you can give this Shopify theme a try, because this is one of the best free Shopify themes that you can use right now.

Yes, it’s also available for FREE. You can download the Debutify theme free version from their website and then try it out by customizing it in different ways based on your needs.

Debutify theme helps you in converting the traffic into the buyers with the help of their 31+ tested eCommerce sales booster add ons, which helps you in increasing your store’s conversion rate and get more sales at no extra cost.

All these 31+ money-making sales booster add ons come with the paid monthly subscription plans of this Debutify Shopify theme.

These Debutify theme addons replace the need for those standalone Shopify apps that we use on our stores for boosting our conversions at a very high monthly subscription cost.

Now you may get a question in your mind that if the Debutify theme add-ons are also available in a paid monthly subscription plans, then how this theme will help us in lowering our Shopify store expenses, because with this theme also we have to pay for a monthly subscription as we are paying for the Shopify apps. 

Then, what’s is the need of getting this theme?

Now here the main benefits of using this Debutify Shopify theme.

Top Benefits Of Debutify Theme

  • Developed by the 7 figure eCommerce dropshippers and experts: It is developed with the help of people who do eCommerce daily and those eCommerce industry experts who know the requirements of the good theme to make more money and conversions.
  • Make a funnel-like experience for customers: You can build the highest converting funnels for your eCommerce products with the help of Debutify add-ons.
  • Saves up to $2000 a year: You can save a lot of money because you don’t need any extra Shopify apps that charge you exponentially with the growth based on the app usage every month. 
  • Fast page loading speed and responsive: Page loading speed is one of the most important metrics to rank on the top of Google. So, it’s best to use the fastest Shopify theme that loads fast. If you are searching for the best Shopify theme for mobile, then this theme is made for you.
  • Lifetime Upgrades: Debutify provides new automatic updates every month to make the theme best for eCommerce entrepreneurs.
  • Product Research Tools: Debutify also provides you with the winning product research tool and the paid product research course.
  • Ecommerce Training: They also provide you with 6 fully-fledged premium courses on paid advertisement and store setup & optimization, etc. 
  • Conversion Boosting Apps: It has more than 31+ add-ons that provide you with conversion-boosting features, and many more add-ons also get added with the time using automatic no click updates to make the Debutify theme better for the e-commerce store owners.
  • 20+ Translated Languages: Debutify theme allows you to sell in more than 20 languages so that you can scale up your profits by going global.

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Difference Between Debutify Theme Add-Ons And Standalone Shopify Apps

The difference between the Deputify theme add-ons and standalone Shopify apps is BIG in terms of money.

When we use different Shopify apps for different functions on our Shopify store, we always have to pay price on a monthly term, and many Shopify apps charge us based on the usage, views, or impressions that we have got while using their apps and I had also paid a lot of money in the past using these type of Shopify apps which eat up all our profits in one go. 

The more Shopify apps you use the slower your store loads because it had to load a lot of resources at the time of page load and many times the slow loading website hurts the user experience which results in less or no conversions. 

So, this is how the Debutify theme add-ons make a big difference in terms of money when we compare it with the Shopify apps that we use on our Shopify stores.

Why Using Debutify Theme Add-Ons Are Better?

The add-ons of this Shopify theme are better than Shopify apps because it saves us a lot of money and there is only one price we have to pay and that is just a monthly subscription cost of the theme. 

And there is no loading of extra resources when customers visit our website, so there is no delay and just a clean code with no bugs.

Features Of Debutify Theme

In this section, I am going to talk about all the Debutify theme add-ons that you can easily use with this theme.

Add-To-Cart Animation

Add-To-Cart animation adds animation to the amazing add to cart button to get attention from users and helps in converting more customers quickly.

Cart Countdown

It adds the countdown timer on the cart page and also in the cart drawer that opens up when you add the product into the cart.

Cart Discount 

This debutify theme add-on adds the coupon code field in the cart drawer and the cart page to make it easy for the customer to check the discounted price after putting promo or coupon codes before the checkout.

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Cart Goal

It helps you in increasing the order value by showing some cart goal on the cart page. Like you can offer free shipping to the customer at a specific amount. 

For example, you can offer free shipping on orders over $100. And the cart goal feature will show up message to your customers on the cart pages that you have to add this much amount of products to avail of free shipping on your order.

For this, you also have to set up the shipping rate in your store’s backend which will synchronously work with this feature.

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Chat Box

Chatbox feature will help your customers to get connect with you quickly using the messaging platform without the need of sending big emails and waiting for 24 to 48 hours. This feature is best for the brand stores that provide 24/7 customer support.

Collection Add-To-Cart

This feature will help you in adding add to cart button on a product collection page from where you can select the product and add it to the cart with just a click.

Color Swatches

Color swatches are a new way to show up the product variant colors on the product page. 

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Cookie Box

To make your website GDPR compliant, it’s necessary to display the website cookie box on your eCommerce website from which users can opt for sharing browser cookies with us.

Delivery Time

Delivery time is one of the most popular techniques used by the big eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon to convert the users quickly. This add-on shows up the range of delivery dates (above the add to cart button) when you will be getting the product delivered.

Discount Saved

It shows the amount that you will be saving on the product that is on SALE. So, this add-on specifically works with the products which are on SALE.

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FAQ Page

The frequently asked questions page is the most important page on our eCommerce store and most of the customers visit this page before ordering the product from our store. So, this add-on is the one which will help you in making your FAQ page more user friendly with the amazing layout and makes it easy for the customer to find answers to all their queries.

Inventory Quantity

Inventory quantity helps in boosting sales to create some sense of urgency in customers to buy the product quickly, by showing the stock level of the product on the product page.

Linked Options

Linked options help you in hiding unavailable and sold out variant options from our product pages.

Live View

Live view add-on shows the number of people that are viewing the product page right now. You can set the range that you want to show to your customers. I also suggest you use this live view feature with the Inventory Quantity add-on and it will surely boost the sales on your Shopify store.

Mega Menu

After activating this add-on you will be able to create the advanced menu layout with columned navigation, individual products, featured products, and much more.

Newsletter Popup

Newsletter popup is my favorite one because it helps you in saving a lot of money by showing the popup with rewards or asking for an email at the time when your customer tries to leave your site.

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Pricing Table 

Pricing table add-on is good for all those stores which sell products in different packages, different benefits, and with different prices. Selling products using this type of pricing table can be profitable if your customers need the same product regularly. 

For example, if you are selling toothpaste in your store, then it’s a necessary product that customers will always need after some time. So this add-on is good for subscription purposes also.

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Product Tabs

Product tabs add-on helps you in structuring your product page and makes it more user friendly, by adding different tabs for product description, product specifications, etc.

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Product Video

Videos are the best way to convert prospects into customers. And this is why there is the product video add-on that allows you to add videos to your product gallery to make the product page better for conversions.

Quantity Break

Quantity breaks, this is a familiar name if you are doing eCommerce for a long time using Shopify. This add-on gives a discount based on the quantity purchased by the customer. 

Make sure that you create discount codes in the Shopify backend and use that discount codes at the time of setting up the quantity breaks on your product pages. 

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Quick View 

Quick view product display is a type of popup with product details and add to cart button that opens up when you are browsing for the products in a products collection page.

Sales Countdown

Sales countdown timer displays the countdown on the product page to convert the customers fast using the eCommerce emergency and fear of missing out on techniques.

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Sales Pop

Sales pop shows the social proof to the customers when they are on your site and deciding whether to buy the product or not. This social proof helps in converting customers quickly and is used by many big eCommerce brands also.

Shop Protect

As I said this theme is made by people who are dropshippers and that’s why this feature is included by them as per the market needs.

And this is one of the most important features for all eCommerce merchants who write and produce their content from description to images and are afraid of losing their content because of copycats in the industry. 

This Debutify add-on is a lifesaver for all those real entrepreneurs because it disables the right click on your site and does not let the copycats copy and download your content.

Skip Cart

Want to simplify the customer journey? Then this addon allows you to disable the cart page and directly send the customer to the checkout page by making the journey of the customer smaller.

Smart Search

Debutify Smart search add-on works like Google, it also starts giving suggestions when you type the first letter in the search bar. It shows the search results in a well-structured way using the products, categories, and articles, etc.

Sticky Add To Cart

As its name suggests, the Sticky add-to-cart add-on displays the sticky button on the screen when scrolling passes the add-to-cart button. 

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Trust Badges

Trust badges are the most important part of the product page and it increases the trust of the customers. Debutify theme trust badge add-ons show the trust badges under the add-to-cart button and the checkout buttons. You can also do other customizations like editing the text under the trust badges.

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Upsell Bundles

Upsell bundles add-on displays the frequently bought together products under the product page so that customers can add all the related products together and increase the overall revenue of your Shopify store.

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Upsell Popup

With the help of this addon, you can display the good looking upsell popup when the customer clicks on the add-to-cart button.

You can fully customize the heading, description, discount offers, button label, button icons or coupon codes, etc in the upsell popup and there are no limitations. 

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Wish List

The wishlist feature is the one used by the marketplaces to let the customer save the product of their choice for buying it later.

This Debutify theme wishlist add-on also lets you enable this wishlist feature on your Shopify store to allow users to save or bookmark their favorite product for the future and pick it up whenever they return to your website.

How To Download And Install Debutify Theme?

There are mainly two steps in the process, firstly downloading the Debutify app and then installing the Debutify Shopify theme using the app.

How To Download Debutify Theme App?

  • Click here to go to the Debutify website.
  • Click on the Free Download button, mostly on the top right corner or on the right side of the website.
  • After clicking on the free download, a popup appears on the screen and you have to fill the full name and email address in the required fields.
  • Then click on the free download now, and write down your myshopify domain link. 

For example, is mine.

(Replace “yourstorename” with the content of your link)

  • Then click on the Free Download Now button and it will redirect you to the Shopify login page to authenticate the store and install the Debutify theme app automatically.
  • Once you have logged into your Shopify store, click on the Install unlisted app and it will install the Debutify app in your Shopify store to help you customize the theme.
  • You can verify the installation by clicking on the Apps > Debutify

How To Install Debutify Shopify Theme?

  • Open the Debutify App from your Shopify Apps list.
  • Then click on the Theme Library from the menu on the left side of the Debutify app dashboard.
  • Click on the Add Debutify button.
  • Then click on Add To Theme Library in the pop-up, to add this theme to your store’s theme library.
  • It will take a few minutes.
  • Once it’s complete, come back to the Shopify dashboard and click on Online Store.
  • Then click on themes and then find out the Debutify theme option in the theme library. 
  • If you want to customize the theme, click on the customize button.
  • If you want to publish the theme, click on the actions, and select publish.

How To Install Debutify theme add-ons?

  1. Open your Shopify dashboard and click on the Apps.
  2. Then click on the Debutify App from the installed apps.
  3. It will open up the full dashboard of the Debutify theme and will show you the option for the Add-Ons in the left sidebar.
  4. Click on the Add-ons and enable the specific add-ons that you want to use or you can also enable all the add-ons at once by clicking on the bulk install button.

Shopify Apps Integration 

Debutify is working on app integrations also so that you will be able to connect your favorite Shopify apps with just a click.

As written on their website, they will support integration with all popular Shopify Apps that help you to run your online eCommerce business.

  1. Oberlo
  2. Spocket
  3. Klaviyo
  4. Smsbump
  5. Hubspot
  6. Printful
  7. Sendinblue
  8. Shipstation
  9. Doofinder
  10. Quickbook

And so many more….

This feature is not yet available in the Debutify app even in their top master plan but as per my communication with their support, these features will be coming very soon.

Although the integration with the apps given above is in the development phase right now, it doesn’t mean that apps like Klaviyo, Oberlo, and all others do not work.

All the apps that you are using in your Shopify store work normally just like as you use with other themes also. This integration feature is only just for giving a better experience to theme users and to connect apps with one click.

Debutify Demo Store

Want to check out the Shopify store made on the Debutify theme? Want to checkout how the add-ons work in real time?

Click here to explore the Debutify demo store now.

List Of Stores Using Debutify Theme

Here is the list of some Shopify stores that are using the Debutify theme. These Debutify theme examples will surely help you in setting up your store quickly using this theme.

  • BetterBeautyFix –
  • CocoLuxLife –
  • JackalGelBlasters –
  • WoofingWonders –
  • CorSurf –

Debutify Pricing

Debutify Theme has four subscription plans:

Free Plan

In this plan, you will get the Debutify theme and Facebook group support.

Starter Plan – $0

In this plan, you will get 1 Store Debutify Theme License with Facebook, email, live chat (Full Support) and you can use any 3 add-ons from their list of 31 add ons.

Hustler Plan – $19/month

In this plan, you will get 1 Store Debutify Theme License with Facebook, email, live chat (Full Support) and you can use all 31 Add-ons and future add-ons + Integrations.

Master Plan – $97/month

In this plan, you will get 3 Store’s Debutify Theme License with Facebook, email, live chat (Priority Full Support) and you can use all available 31 Add-ons and future add-ons + Integrations + Mentoring + Product Research Tool + Advanced Courses.

Here is the full Debutify theme plans comparison table given below:

Free - $0Starter - $19/monthHustler - $47/monthMaster - $97/month
Debutify ThemeDebutify ThemeDebutify ThemeDebutify Theme
1 Store License1 Store License1 Store License3 Store License
Facebook Group SupportFacebook Group Support + Email + Live Chat Facebook Group Support + Email + Live ChatFacebook Group Support + Email + Live Chat
(Full Support)(Full Support)(Priority Full Support)
Any 3 Theme Add Ons All 31 Theme Add-Ons and Future Add-OnsAll 31 Theme Add-Ons and Future Add-Ons
Product research Tool
Advanced Courses
Free Download DebutifyStart Free TrialStart Free TrialStart Free Trial

So, you may be thinking about which plan I am using. Firstly, I have tried out this theme with the 14 Day Free Trial of the Hustler Plan because it allows us to use all the add-ons they have. And it was a great experience as I am using this same plan till now also and bought a yearly subscription.

I suggest you go with the Debutify theme yearly plan because they provide 50% Off when you pay for the annual plan. There is no need for any Debutify coupon code, you just have to select the yearly plan and it shows you the price with a 50% discount.



There is no doubt that this is one of the best free Shopify themes and it also gets even better when we choose the paid plan. The functionality provided by the theme add-ons makes it the best Shopify theme for conversions at the cheapest price.

One of the top reasons that I recommend you to use this Shopify theme is because it lowers the cost of running an eCommerce business. In past, I have paid more than $120 monthly for just Shopify apps expenses. If your store is doing really good numbers, then you can cut the number of expenses that are coming from the standalone Shopify apps by using Debutify theme add ons

This can also work well as a single product Shopify theme if you are running a branded single product Shopify stores.

And, if you are just starting out and tight on budget, then I suggest you try out the lowest starter plan of $19, in which you can use their three add-ons. The best three add-ons you can use to save money are the upsell bundles, upsell popup, and the quantity break. You can’t find an app on a Shopify store that can provide all three features at the Debutify starter plan price.

If you don’t have a budget then also you can install Debutify theme on your store using a free plan and it is the way much better and professional looking free theme for Shopify than the other available in the Shopify themes collection

I hope that this Debutify review helped you in choosing the best converting Shopify theme for your Shopify store.

Let me know in the comments which Debutify theme add-on you like the most?

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