Shoptimized Shopify Theme Review: Best Shopify Theme For Conversions?

Shoptimized Shopify Theme Review 2024

Want to speed up the Shopify site? Want to increase Shopify sales?

Then get this Shoptimized Shopify theme, it is one of the fastest and best converting Shopify themes. I remember when I started with Shopify dropshipping every other YouTube guru recommended the free Shopify themes like Brooklyn and Narrative that are available for Free on the Shopify platform.

I have used these free themes for a long time and I have struggled a lot in increasing my Shopify sales and conversions because these free themes were very slow and especially when you have a lot of products. And if your website loads very slowly then it means that you are losing a lot of revenue.

Having a fast loading website is not just important, it’s essential
– Kristy Morton

Google itself says that they consider website speed as one of the top factors in search engine rankings. So, even if you have good copywriting skills and have great content on the website, but your website is slow then it will surely never come at the top in Google.

Shoptimized theme loads 38% faster than the other most popular Shopify themes available in the market. It will speed up your Shopify site which in turn boosts the conversions on your Shopify store.

Shoptimized Shopify Theme Review 2022: Best Proven Highest Converting Fastest & Profitable Shopify Themes

The shoptimized theme is built by the conversion rate expert — Bradley Long, who’s one of the most popular names in the eCommerce and digital marketing industry.

Why Shoptimized theme is known as the best converting Shopify theme?

The Shoptimized theme helps you in persuading more visitors to become customers using social proof, scarcity, and authority.


These are the three proven psychological ways that help you to convert your site visitors to customers.

Social Proof: Social proof is the proof that builds the buyer’s confidence to buy the product they are interested in at the same time. Shoptimize Shopify theme allows you to show the social proof in different ways like showing happy customer reviews, showing testimonials on the home page, or in the footer of your online store.

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Scarcity: Scarcity helps in creating a fear of missing out in the customer’s mind. Shoptimize theme creates scarcity in different ways like showing a countdown timer to site visitors or showing a low stock warning on the product page, which makes the visitor buy the item today.

Authority: Authority is the most important thing for every business in the world. Authority creates a sense of trust that persuades the buyer to buy the product without having to worry about any fraud or scam. So, the Shoptimized theme provides a banner space in the header where you can add some proof to increase the authority of your online store.

Now, let’s discuss some of the great features of this fastest Shopify theme.

  • Shopify Theme Countdown Timer: This theme comes with an inbuilt countdown timer with different customization options so that you don’t have to buy any other Shopify app to put a countdown timer on your product page.
  • Shopify Theme Low Stock Alert: When you show the remaining stock bar on your product page, then there are high possibilities that prospects are going to convert faster than ever. Because the fear of losing out is far greater than the prospect of gaining something. This psychological technique is used by almost all the big brands you see over the globe.
  • Shoptimized Currency Switcher: If you are selling all over the world then it is obvious that all the customers from different countries like to check the price of the products in their currencies. Shoptimized Theme has a GEO-IP Recognition feature that helps you in showing currencies to your visitors according to their locations. If someone visits your website from the United States then they will see the USD currency, and if someone from New Zealand visits your website then they will see the pricing in NZD. That’s why this is known as the best Shopify theme for conversions from the international market.

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  • Shoptimized Get It By Timer: When will I receive my order?” This is the most asked question of any customer who shops online. The Shoptimized theme allows you to show the estimated delivery date of the product which increases the trust of the buyer towards your brand. No other Shopify theme provides this type of functionality yet. The Shoptimize get-it-by timer also shows the countdown timer along with a delivery date which increases the urgency on your product page and helps you to convert more visitors. The get-it-by-timer is the best conversion boosting feature which drastically increases Shopify sales.
  • Shoptimized Email Pop Up: Emails are the most important asset of any online business. That’s why Shoptimize inbuilt email popup helps you in collecting emails from customers so that you can reach out to them afterward. Email marketing is one of the most important tasks for all e-commerce stores because all the visitors are not going to convert on their first visits.
  • Marketing Integrations: Shoptimized has made it easy for you to add the javascript(js) code snippets from some of the most popular tools we use to grow our Shopify stores. You will never need a developer for this task, you just have to copy the code onto the relevant field in the theme settings, and you are done.
  • Shoptimized Money Back Guarantee Badge: This badge is one the must for every Shopify store and Shoptimized made it easy for you to put it before the footer where the site visitors can see it and assure that their money is in safe hands.

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  • Value Proposition: In every business, there is a need for a value proposition. It refers to the value that every company promises to deliver to customers. The best way to convert your site visitor into a customer is to let them know that you are different from other competitors. And, the Shoptimized theme makes this simple for you by providing reasons why your site visitors should buy from you. You can just add these default badges on your product pages by going to the settings. And if you have your own set of badges that you want to show your customers then you can load that also. The best place to show these badges is below the add to cart button and on the cart page itself.
  • Easy Video Embedding: Shoptimized theme allows you to easily embed videos in your product pages alongside your product images. Other paid Shopify themes don’t have this feature and you have to put the video in the description itself which results in slow loading of your website product page and fewer sales. There is also another unique feature that lets you add the video in the footer of the website to tell your story and to add more value proposition to your website’s home page.
  • Easy Product Customization Options: Now there is no need for any costly Shopify apps to sell personalized or print on demand(POD) type of customizable products (which saves you $180 a year on an equivalent Shopify app). Just create any custom field for your product pages within a few seconds. And use all the conversion-boosting features to boost your Shopify store sales. Use a Shoptimized theme and add custom fields for customizable and personalized products like print-on-demand t-shirts, mugs, etc.Best highest converting shopify themes for Shopify AliExpress dropshipping stores.
  • Shoptimized Mega Menu: Create a detailed mega menu using the premium Shoptimized theme which allows your users to easily select the specific category that they are interested in. If you don’t want a mega menu there is also an option to instantly switch it to the traditional menu.
  • Shoptimized Conversion Optimized Header Area: The header is the most important part of every website and there are no other premium Shopify themes that provide as much customization as the Shoptimized theme provides us. You can announce the new sale or offers using the hello bar or by putting the small banner in the header and there is also an option to enable a search bar in the header which lets your website visitors search for the specific products of their interest. You can also add your phone number in the header. Customize your Shoptimized theme header to increase the trust and conversion rate of your Shopify store.
  • Social Proof PopUp: You can instantly increase the trust of the buyers by showing the social proof pop-up on your website. With the help of social proof pop-up, you can show some random recent sales data, so that site visitors should build their trust and buy the item of their choice. Create social proof in your Shopify store with this built-in feature of the Shoptimized theme.
  • Free Shipping Bar: The best way to increase your Shopify store’s total order value is to provide free shipping with a threshold amount. Many people spend more when you encourage them to do so by showing a Free Shipping bar at the top of the page. Example: Spend $99 More To Qualify For Free Shipping.
  • Upsell Pop-Up: Upsells are the most important thing that increases the average order value on your Shopify store. Shoptimized upsells popup helps you in upselling products with your already best selling products and hence increases the AOV. Average order value (AOV) is the most critical factor in the eCommerce business that lets you decide whether your paid ad campaigns are making you money or losing money. Setup upsell pop up on any product page and cart page using this amazing Shopify dropshipping theme.Increase Shopify sales using Shoptimized theme conversion boosting features.
  • Highly Customizable Call-to-Action Button: The most important part of the product page is the ADD TO CART button. And, it needs to be perfect because this is the button that takes your visitor to the cart and checkout page. With the help of the Shoptimize theme, you can customize the size and color of your call to action button, you can even customize the text of the call to action button like Add To Cart, Buy Now, Shop Now, etc. Just test every customization and find out which converts best for you.
  • Shoptimized Cross-Sell Pop-Up: The success of your e-commerce business depends on how much money you can extract from your site visitors. Cross-selling simply means selling relevant items to the customers who are ready to spend money on your store. Shoptimized Shopify theme gives you the option to show multiple cross-sell products to customers so that they can easily add them to their carts. The best way to increase the order value on your eCommerce store is to show relevant products to the customers who are ready to pay.Shoptimized is the fastest shopify theme and also considered as the best shopify theme for mobile.
  • Cart Page Urgency Timer: Even after adding the products to the cart, many customers leave the cart page and it results in lost sales for the eCommerce owners. So, it’s good to create some sense of urgency on the cart page also so that buyers should have fear of losing in their minds. In this way, you can get a lot more sales on your Shopify store when you use the Shoptimized theme cart page urgency timer.
  • Badges on Products: Badges are a great way to highlight the specific items on SALE or the products with Free Shipping. The eCommerce platforms like Monetate charge around $30000 per year for these types of features. You will get all these features for FREE with the Shoptimized theme. Easily add different types of badges on product images with one click using Shoptimize.
  • Tripwire Offer Call To Action: Tripwire offers are also known as the free + shipping offers. And there is no doubt that these types of offers are best to acquire a large portion of customers quickly. Shoptimized theme created a dedicated call to action button, especially for the eCommerce stores that run these types of offers very frequently. This dedicated call to action button with FREE — Just Pay Shipping written on it converts better than the call to action with ADD TO CART written on it.

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  • Product Filter: Adding product filters to channel the products so that people can find the required product easily can drastically increase sales on the Shopify store. No matter which theme you use the user experience is the number one priority for converting the cold audience. And Shoptimized theme gives you all the tools to improve the user experience on your Shopify store in an easier way. Filter your products using the Shoptimized Shopify theme to make it easy for your customers to jump to the specific category of products that they are interested in.
  • Site Search Auto-Complete (Just like Google): When you search for something on Google it auto-completes the sentence and shows you the recommendations below the search bar. Just like Google, the Shoptimized theme also implemented similar search features which will help the site visitors to find their favorite products by showing recommendations in the search bar. Shoptimized theme predictive search can boost your conversion rate to sky-high. Based on the research it is believed that people who use the site search are 216% more likely to convert than normal visitors.
  • Sticky Add To Cart Button: Shoptimized Shopify theme sticky add to cart button sticks to visitor’s screen even if they are scrolling down on the product page. The main benefit of this sticky button is that it’s easily available every time and the customers don’t have to scroll up to find the add to cart button. There are many paid apps on the Shopify app store which charge monthly for this feature. But in Shoptimized theme, it comes as a free built-in feature and there is no need to pay extra money.
  • Shoptimized Exit Intent Pop Up With Urgency Timer: Capturing abandoners with an exit-intent discount popup is the best way to get extra sales. Whenever site visitors try to exit your site, this discount offer instantly pops up on the screen which helps you in converting the visitors into customers.Speed up your Shopify store with the best proven profitable theme for eCommerce.
  • Showing Volume Purchase Social Proof: Shoptimize allows you to show volume social proof below the add to cart button that how many shoppers have bought more than one item from your store, is the best way to increase the total value of the order on your store. This feature encourages shoppers to buy in bulk from your store.
  • Coupon Code on Cart Page: Showing a surprise coupon code on the cart page helps you to convert the shoppers fast. Adding some urgency with coupon code skyrockets the conversion rate of your Shopify e-commerce store. Boost Your Conversions With “Dynamic Day” Cart Coupon.

  • Instant Discount / Coupon Code Delivery: Shoptimized theme provides the instant delivery of coupon codes whenever any customer signs up for the discount on your website. There is no point in sending customers to check their email when they are already busy in the buying cycle. If you send customers to check their emails for a discount code then it may be possible that your customer gets distracted and never comes back. That’s why Shoptimized gives the discount code instantly to the customer and also gives them an option to copy it to a clipboard. So, that they can use the coupon code afterward on the checkout page.
  • Skip the Cart: Shoptimized theme provides Skip The Cart feature which you can enable and disable based on which works for you best. Many Shopify store owners love this feature as it shortens the path of conversion for any customer and results in more sales or conversions. You can choose from these 5 options given below and you can enable the one which helps you in increasing sales for your general or niche Shopify store.
  1. Skip Cart — go directly to checkout
  2. Slide-out cart
  3. Pop up modal
  4. Redirect to cart Page
  5. Dropdown confirmation

Shoptimized is the only paid Shopify theme that provides so many features to boost the conversion rate on your store without any monthly cost.

With the help of the Shoptimized Shopify theme, you can lower the cost of running your business by around $2011 a year. Now, there is no need for any expensive Shopify apps that charge for a monthly subscription and eat up your profits.

Shoptimized not only SAVES you money but also helps you in getting more revenue for your Shopify store.

What Type Of Shopify Stores Is Boosting Their Conversions With The Shoptimized Theme?

  1. Print-on-demand stores
  2. Supplement sellers
  3. Fashion stores
  4. LED lighting stores
  5. Outdoor equipment sellers
  6. 7-figure AliExpress dropship stores
  7. Skincare stores
  8. High-Ticket dropshipping stores
  9. SmartWatch bands & accessories stores
  10. Footwear stores
  11. Fitness stores
  12. Health & beauty stores

Shoptimized theme has three different packages Basic, Pro, and Ultimate.

  1. Shoptimized Basic (1 x Store License)— The best choice for single-store owners.
  2. Shoptimized Theme Pro (3 x Store License)— Perfect for growing your eCommerce empire.
  3. Shoptimized Theme Ultimate (10 x Store License) — Great choice if you have more than 4 stores.

Shoptimize will provide you with 24×7 Support and Lifetime Upgrades in all three packages that are listed above.

My recommendation would be the Shoptimized Pro Package with 3 x Store License because with this package you will be getting bonus access to 7-Figure Store Blueprint Shopify Training worth $997 and FB Ascension Formula Facebook Training worth $97.

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If you have any queries, feel free to ask me in the comment section below and kindly share your experience with the Shoptimized Shopify theme with all of us.

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