AliDropship WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin Review & Discount Coupon Code 2024

AliDropship Plugin and Custom Store Features, Review & Discount Coupon Code 2024

I have been into e-commerce for around 3 years and used all types of eCommerce platforms from widely popular Shopify to slightly cheaper and advanced WooCommerce.

And according to me, Shopify and WooCommerce both have some pros and cons. There is no doubt that if you have a very low initial budget then WooCommerce is best for you. As you know paid product advertising is also getting expensive day by day so you can save some extra money by creating your fully automated drop shipping store with low price AliDropship hosting. It can save you a lot of money because the cost of AliDropship hosting for a year is equal to the two months of a Shopify subscription.

So, if you want to start selling products online without inventory or want to start dropshipping with no money then there is no better option than the AliDropship plugin. AliDropship WordPress plugin is one of the best things you should invest your money in.

By the way, I have two stores that are based on the AliDropship plugin and are successfully running on autopilot. And I have spent a lot of time using this AliExpress WordPress AliDropship Plugin that I know each and every feature of this plugin.


You may have heard from many YouTube gurus that Aliexpress is not a way to dropship in 2024. But guys honestly, AliExpress is still the best and the cheapest way to do dropshipping in 2024. Because there is no platform other than AliExpress which has so many products that are available for you to import to your store and sell immediately. In this post, I have done a detailed AliDropship Plugin Review and discussed all the features and their benefits.

AliDropship Plugin Reviews, Features and Benefits 2024

This amazing video will give you a full overview of the AliDropship Plugin.

Video Credits: AliDropship

Features of AliDropship Plugin

  1. Import Unlimited AliExpress Hot Products:
    The good thing about the AliDropship plugin is that it does not limit you from importing products and you can easily import unlimited products from AliExpress to your WooCommerce store.
  2. One Time Fee:
    This plugin is not just used for importing products but it’s an all-in-one solution for your dropshipping needs. You just have to pay a one-time fee that gives you a license key for your store and you are good to go.
  3. Place Orders Automatically:
    Many automation features will help you in placing orders automatically on AliExpress by just clicking on one button. You can also update the tracking numbers for your orders with just a click on your AliDropship dashboard.
  4. Pricing Automation Rules:
    You can also use pricing automation rules that can be easily applied to your product pricing whenever you import new products from AliExpress.


AliDropship plugin helps you in starting an online store without inventory. Check AliDropship reviews here.
AliExpress AliDropship WordPress Plugin Price Automation Rules


How To Use AliDropship Chrome Extension?

Alidropship Google chrome extension comes with some great features like editing of title, descriptions, images, choosing categories, and setting up prices just on the AliExpress page before importing the products to your store. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Image Customizing Feature: Alidropship extension allows you to edit the images by cropping, adjusting contrast & brightness and resizing, etc.
  • Shipping Filter: If you are a drop shipper then, there may be a good chance that you are using the ePacket shipping option. So, with the help of this plugin, you can easily filter the product on AliExpress which is available with the ePacket shipping facility.
  • Price History Chart: You can also check the price history chart that will give you an idea of the pricing change of the specific product that you are going to import or have already imported.
  • Same Product with Cheaper Price: And there is one of my favorite features that the AliDropship plugin provides us that is searching for the same product at a cheaper price with just a click. I love this feature because I can easily find a lot of good suppliers for my winning products with just a click.

AliDropship Plugin Versions:

It is available in two versions. Alidropship Plugin and Alidropship Woo Plugin.

Many people get confused about which one to buy. That’s why I thought I should do a quick comparison between both versions (AliDropship plugin vs AliDropship woo) so that you should get an idea of which is best for you.

  • Alidropship Plugin: If you are a newbie and don’t know much about WordPress and woo commerce stuff, then I suggest you go with the simple AliDropship plugin because it’s the easiest way to set up the store on this version of the plugin with the best premium dropship customized AliDropship themes that are provided by AliDropship only. You can easily customize the professionally designed themes that are provided by AliDropship as they are beginner-friendly.
  • Alidropship WooCommerce Plugin: If you are the type of advanced person who is using WordPress for a little while then I suggest you go with the Alidropship woo plugin. It will be best for you. I am using the same AliDropship woo plugin on my two stores.

Note: If you are planning to use advanced WooCommerce features and other premium plugins on your store then I should suggest you go with Alidropship Woo Plugin because it is made for that purpose only.

If you are still confused and don’t know which one is best for you then here is the good news for you. Whenever you buy the plugin from Alidropship they will give you both the versions of the plugin which is the best thing. In this way, you can test and see which is best for you by just learning and implementing yourself.

Start fully automated drop shipping store with AliDropship WooCommerce plugin and AliDropship chrome extension.
Pay for one and get both the AliDropship plugin and AliDropship Woo plugin.

Other Marketing Features of AliDropship Plugin:

  • Import Reviews: Using this AliExpress dropship WordPress plugin you can directly import reviews from AliExpress to your store with or without images. It also has a feature of translating reviews to the English language as you know there are many reviews on AliExpress that are in different languages.

    How to Import Reviews from AliDropship?

    Firstly, go to the product page for which you want to import reviews.
    Then, go to the reviews section and select the number of reviews you want to import with preferred star counts, and also select the language you want to import reviews in, and much more. Lastly, click on the import reviews button to import all the reviews.

    Get AliExpress cashback with best WordPress WooCommerce dropshipping plugin.
    Import AliExpress reviews into your WordPress WooCommerce store with one click using the AliDropship plugin.
  • Abandoned Cart: Abandoned carts are the most common thing in any eCommerce business and it is equally important for all the eCommerce store owners to follow up with the customers who have abandoned their carts. This AliDropship plugin will help you in sending a follow-up email to recover your lost revenue in the best possible way.
  • Email List: Alidropship collects emails of all the customers who have purchased or not, which helps you in email marketing for increasing the long-term value of the customers of your store.
  • Discount Coupons: It also has the feature of custom coupon codes that you can provide to your customers.
  • Search Engine Optimized Product Tags: You can optimize your product pages for search engine visibility by writing SEO titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and tags for your products.

Bonus Features of AliDropship WordPress Plugin:

  • AliExpress Cashback System: Aliexpress dropshipping is a business that needs paid advertisements and sometimes paid advertisements get expensive that they eat up our margins. But thanks to AliDropship that they have included the inbuilt cashback feature to earn some cashback on the order that we place on AliExpress. This is a great way to make some extra money without any extra effort.
    You can earn up to 12% cashback and add extra profit to your dropshipping revenue.
  • Lifetime Updates: You will get lifetime free updates of the AliDropship plugin and also good support without any extra cost.
  • Inventory Tracking: Alidropship also has a feature of inventory management that helps you in managing your inventory so that you should stop selling the actual product whenever inventory runs out.
  • Google Analytics Integration: You can simply connect google analytics with AliDropship to get deeper insights about the visitors of your store and traffic sources.
  • Payment Gateway Support: You can use any popular payment gateways on your store because this AliDropship plugin supports mostly all the payment gateways.

Other Benefits of Woocomerce AliDropship Plugin:

  • Get an AliDropship Custom Store: If you are a person who doesn’t know anything about domains, hosting, WordPress, or WooCommerce or if you don’t have time to build our website then you can also order a custom store from AliDropship. They will do all the hard work and build a beautiful store for you so that you can make a good amount of profit as soon as possible. And there is no work required from you and no experience is necessary to run a full money machine dropshipping store. Check AliDropship custom store reviews here (Click Here and Use Alidropship Custom Store Discount Coupon Code: CUSTOM10).
Get AliDropship custom store with active discount promo code.
Order AliDropship custom store and make money with an automated AliExpress drop shipping store.


  • Connect with Fellow Dropshippers: Once you buy the AliDropship plugin you will be able to connect with other entrepreneurs with the help of an AliDropship forum. There you can ask questions and engage with people who are already making a living by drop shipping with WooCommerce using AliExpress.

Get AliDropship Plugin today (AliDropship Promo Code or Discount Coupon Code Applied) and start an online automated AliExpress dropshipping store without inventory.

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